Thursday, August 25, 2005

Still we ride flows to other coast

Coming soon to the birth place of Critical Mass, San Francisco will be screening still we ride after the September critical mass on Friday the 30th, 9pm. The screening will be a fundraiser to assist with legal fees for arrested bicyclists in NYC. The film will be shown at Station-40, a collective community space located at 3030-B 16th St.

also you can order dvd copies of the video on the stillweride website.

There may be a new bike blog in San Francisco, check up on it at:

inevitable triumph


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it may be illegal to park in the bike lane, but what alternative is safer? none I think.

I ride daily to work on Allen st, where delivery trucks double park in the bike lane. I don't see any other option for them. it would not be safe AT ALL for them to park in the right lane leaving the bike lane open, and have cyclists riding in the bike lane beween parked cars and delivery trucks. So I just ride in the middle of the right lane and keeping 5 feet or more to the left of any double parked vehicles. i don't swerve into traffic, i merge or I just stay where I am and cars can swerve around me.

bike lanes can be a hazard themselves, too narrow, too close to parked vehicle doors. if they are not safe take the right lane and ride straight, make the cars go around you, not the other way around.

10:28 AM  

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