Monday, August 29, 2005

Ahh, so much going on.

On Friday afternoon, befor the critical mass, Freewheels held a press conference and invited Mayor Bloomberg to come on the ride. He was also presented with a copy of "still we ride." Of course, he wasn't around. New York 1 story on the press conference

Thanks to John Huntington for the headsup on the press.

also check out and audio interview:

wnyc audio interview before critical mass

Sounds like there is a critical mass in DC on Sept 23rd, the weekend of the anti-war demonstration. More on this to come as it develops. Probably be some New Yorkers wanting to go down Friday and ride.

Emily Farris wanted this posted:

Her blog is eefers on bikes

John Birdseye sends this article from Seattle Post:

bikes and cars

Don't forget, Climate change is just a myth made up by wingnut scientists with all these crazy cold hard facts as Louisana sinks into the Gulf and Hurricane Katrina devestates the South. Keep driving those hummer...God Bless America.


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