Friday, September 05, 2008

Like a biker to the pavement...Charges Dropped

Its hard to believe but somehow Christopher Long did not cause assault to rookie officer, Patrick Pogan's forearms in the July Critical Mass bike ride.

His charges of assault were miraculously dropped today in court, thanks to the power of video.
Over a million views make it painfully clear that this officer of the law was egregiously acting like a some sort of...member of the NYPD.

He can have some time at his desk to think about his actions and not out on the street keeping us safe from the threat of people riding their bikes in groups.

Here is a website he should visit:

NY Anger Management

And a press release from Times Up here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, what blatant plagiarism by time's up of the norman siegel quote from the NYT!!!

nyt quote: “I think they should give serious consideration to bringing perjury and assault charges against the cop,” Mr. Siegel said. “This is the way to get accountability over the police and reduce police misconduct. If you make this officer an example, then the message is: This kind of conduct is unacceptable and there will be legal consequences for it.”

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Norman Siegal is the lawyer for Time's Up! and he guides them on writing their press releases as well as making similar statements for press groups like the New York Times. Norman is awesome and Time's Up! volunteers have a lot of respect for him

6:01 PM  

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