Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pedicabs in Kenya and NYC

My wife has been in Africa for work and sent these pictures of their version of the pedi-cab called boda-bodas from Kitale Kenya. I wonder if their city will try and ban them like ours for clogging traffic?

Meanwhile there was a rally at the steps of city hall on Tuesday in response to a bill the city council is voting on in to regulate pedicabs.
Time's Up, helped bring the pedicabs to New York in order to find a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to get people around, long before global warming concerns were sheik. The number of pedicabs has risen to 500. So the City Council in their infinte wisdom seem to have nothing better to do then focus on a few complaints by business owners and target the pedicabs, in a time when cities across the planet are finding ways to make their homes healthier and reduce greenhouse gasses. Ahh the priorities of a car addicted society who caters to big business and real estate development. "WOW, we have real environmetal concerns here in NYC, lets limit pedicabs."

I guess with all the raises the city council members got for their part time jobs, they can focus on big priorites like regulating pedicabs and trying to put a cap on only 300 of them. Why don't they put a cap on all the illegal contracts on waste management, or air polluters or limit the number of yellow cabs that are choking our city to death or those hot 97 logo covered Hummers?

Time's Up released this press release on the issue:

The City Council Consumer Affairs Committee is set to vote on regulations that would put a very low cap on the total number of pedicabs in the City and ban certain types of pedicabs from City streets. Time's Up! joins the Pedicab Owner's Association against these unreasonable regulations to say:


"Time's Up! and its volunteers helped start the Pedicab business in New York City; over the last decade it has successfully grown to over 500 cabs. This non-polluting transportation needs to be respected and encouraged by the City and not discouraged with laws that would hinder its growth." said Time's Up! Director, Bill DiPaola

Time's Up! volunteers will rally among diverse Pedicab supporters which include elected officials, alternative transportation advocates, environmental activists and consumers of this popular new form of NYC transportation. For more information, visit the Pedicab Owners Association and pedicabnews.

Read about it in AM NY

Here are some pictures from Tuesday's Rally:


Blogger David J said...

Great post and a point worth discussing/debating. What is the big picture when the best options are canned for the sake of maintaining the status quo? Capping the number of pedicabs don't you have some kind of anti competition legislation that would make that kind of thing illegal?

3:59 AM  

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