Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A change in the wind...

From the executive director of Time's Up--

"New York City Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall resigned today. Over the last couple of days there has been a lot of movement from New York City concerning transportation issues. Some have been favorable, some not so favorable. We'll see what comes next. One thing is for sure--this is not a coincidence, all of these things seem to be related, and all came about through your hard work. Congratulations. In addition to Smolka's resignation and the introduction of the parade permitting laws, we have also heard from our lawyer that the city is dropping the lawsuit against Time's Up, although we have not yet seen the official paperwork. We'll keep everybody updated on the lawsuit as soon as we know more. In the mean time, we'll see what the city does next and maybe we can have a discussion about future strategies concerning all of these changes. "
-Bill DePaola

NYC DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall Resigns
Commissioner Iris Weinshall is leaving New York City's Department of Transportation for a job as Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning, Construction and Management at the City University of New York. The Department of Transportation press office says that Weinshall will stay on for another ten weeks. Her last day on the job will be Friday, April 13. Read more about this new development at streets blog


Blogger Paul Tay said...

NYC is probably going through the SAME trajectory SanFran went through back in the early '90. If you remember the Big Bad Bike Bash by the SFPD, lots of heads were broken that day.

It seems about the ONLY casualty from that whole sad sorry episode was Dildo Man. He was the original inspiration for BonerMobile.

Imagine a six-foot inflatable replica of the male genitalia, aka Captain Pecker, rolling through the streets and highways of Tulsa, on a trailer, towed by a bicycle. On 3 April 2003, the accompanying sign: GET A BONER NOT A BOMB.

If NYPD is intent on actually enforce the parade regs, I say Norm and the NYACLU call their bluff. Consent decree to make 'em enforce the regs on motor vehicles AND pedestrians in Times Square or ANYWHERE in NYC proper.

WHAT a bunch of CROCK! I remember similar regulations back in the days of British rule over India. And, look at how THAT turned for the Crown.

Keep the AUDACITY of Hope. History is on YOUR side, people.

8:53 AM  

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