Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Press Conference on New Police (BS) on Parade Rules

Press Conference outside of One Police Plaza...Wednesday, January 31st. NOON

Indeed the police have published their latest version of their parade
rules, and they will go into effect on February 25th (Missing February
Critical Mass by a couple of days). The new rules forbid `parades' of
50 or more cyclists or pedestrians without police permission,
regardless of whether or not they obey traffic laws. We are holding a
press conference at One Police Plaza on Wednesday at noon to oppose
these rules and call on the City Council to stop this expansion of
power by the NYPD. City Council Member Rosie Mendez will be speaking,
a rep from the NYCLU will be there, and hopefully we'll have some
other city councilors and maybe a little Norman Seigel action. Also we
could use some bodies, so if you are free on Wednesday, please come through!


Blogger Paul Tay said...

Hey, Norm, call their BLUFF. Slap 'em with a lawsuit for a CONSENT DECREE to make 'em enforce the regs on pedestrians BREAKING the law in Times Square. Clear the whole joint of PEOPLE and save it for the squirrels.

Viva Le Squirrels!!

8:57 AM  

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