Monday, February 05, 2007

Flyod Landis speaks and roller racing this week

Here is a new trend for me in 2007...actually posting an event before it actually happens. Novel concept I know. Wednesday the Brooklyn Brewery is hosting an event with Tour De France Champion Floyd Landis. Its a fund raised for the floyd fairness fund so Landis can try and shed light on what happened and raise money to get a fair hearing.

The event is at the Brooklyn Brewery, 70 North 11th St. Brookyln, NY (right near the L train Stop) 7-10pm

I heard about this through this great website nyvelocity Check them out for future events...they are also hosting indoor rollers tomorrow.

Love Crank at the 169 bar 169 East Broadway. Lower East Side

I think you have to be pre-registered to race. This is on rollers...old balance the bike on standing rollers and try not to fall off...good luck.

A little message from the event coordinators

"Love Crank Tomorrow!

The big day is tomorrow, and since we're planning on being drunk, we thought it would be a good idea to acknowledge all the people that helped us out.

As always, we couldn't do this without Dave Perry, Taliah Lempert, and Arone Hotness Dyer. Alan Atwood, who rocks, will be there. Greg Weinberg of St. Pauli Girl is in again with beer. Mmm beer. Charlie Issendorf and Champion Systems indulged us with winners' jerseys for a second time. Ric Hjertberg of FSA and Ed and Robin Uribe of Spiuk chipped in with prizes. Anthony Accardi helped us out with decorations. Daniel de la Nuez will help out with the kegs.

Speaking of kegs, we're offering free admission for two keg pumping volunteers. Get in touch if you're unusually adept at making a reciprocating motion with your right arm.

Our prize list this time:

Men's Winner: FSA Clip on aerobars and base bar, case of beer, lovely sleeveless jersey. "


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Floyd announcement - I'm planning on going - maybe see you there.

And great to hear about the rollers race. Just got rollers for Christmas and finally can ride them without falling off - but doubt I'm anywhere near racing on them.

11:32 PM  
Blogger Paul Tay said...

NO rollers for me. Been there. Done that. I'll give up a six-pack and flip for the Free Floyd Fund though.

After reading through EVERYTHING, I'm CONVINCED sumbody shot him a BAD rap.

12:05 PM  

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