Monday, December 19, 2005

TWU strike? Ride a bike.

Ok, so the MTA with it's two sets of books and lack of transparency of their accounting, who love to cry not budging on talks with the Transportation Workers Union and it looks like a city wide strike of our public transportation is possibly going to happen tomorrow. Funny how the MTA cries poverty, raises the fares and then suddenly has a surplus but can't pay its workers the health care plan they demand and wants to change the retirement age to 62. That means you can't sit in the token booth, the L train will be automated and some how meet the demand of a proposed 60,000 new residents coming to Williamsburg. Then you have to put up with this shit until your 62 years old. I know its a skewed view of the MTA and the ridership will suffer...but sometimes the workers have no choice but to strike...which should never be illegal. I'm reminded of the workers who were killed by the US government fighting for the 8-hour workday and makes me a stronger supporter of the labor movement when the bosses won't talk.

But, hey I'm one of those crazy bike riders who feel comfortable riding in the middle of the street and in zero degree weather and sees the bicycle as the ultimate in public transportation. So we are having a bike-pool ride to work tomorrow. Here is the details:

So it's on. The Bike-Pool ride to work. Group ride. We already know the best way to get to work is on a bike, MTA strike or not, now lets ride our bikes together like thousands of people who cram into cars to share the commute, only we're doing it on bikes.

Meet at the George Washington Statue at the park between South 5th and Roebling, right at the entrance to the Williamsburg bridge...Brooklyn side. This is where CM Brooklyn often has one of their meeting spots. The bike ramp to the Willamsburg Bridge is closed at this spot for who knows what (could be to complete the de-bumping project) So the new entrance to the bridge is under the bridge on Bedford between South 5th and Broadway.

We'll meet at the park and then head over.

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

7:45-8:00am Leave close to 8:00am.

The route will be...across Williamsburg Bridge
across Delancey st. which turns into Kenmare St.
Right on Lafayette St.
Left on Prince St.
Right on 6th Ave.
Left on 59th St.
Right on Central Park West
Right on 110th
and from here...people can decide.

I think if people want to meet at other points in Brooklyn like the Manhattan Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge then try and link up to the route, say on Delancey, coming off of the Bowery.

I know we can't please everyone. The idea is people jump on and off where they need to get.
heck, I'm riding and don't even have to be at work.

Dress warm, bring coffee, green tea, ban-cha tea, grain coffee, redbull, rockstar or whatever gives you that buzz.
Just like a carpool we'll see familiar faces, talk about the job, who's cheating on who, how mean the boss is, we'll be nice to Naomi, talk stock tips or global warming is not a myth...ufo sightings...etc.

see you on the ride.
Meanwhile I was in Utah for a couple of weeks for work and to do some snowboarding.

I didn't see too many bikers but I know your out there...After all Utah includes Moab, which is primo mountian biking.

I did pass by this one metal shop with a crazy mutant bike on the roof.


Is there a salt lake city Critical Mass?
is there a Messenger community?

Give me a shout if you’re out there.

There is a strong environmental movement out there fighting for preservation of land, wildlife and clean air, in the land of 4% alcohol and hummers.

But Utah is a beautiful state with some of the best skiing, riding, hiking, biking and rafting in the country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if we're all going to do this commute/mass i think it would be a good idea if we buckled down to being on time. the shittiest thing would be waiting around in the cold.

11:11 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

I have some local bike resources and links on my website

Yes, Utah has some great biking! Lots of wilderness and lots of tourist friendly areas for day trips, camping etc.

I was suprised visiting a few years ago that Utah had micro breweries. I thought they were dry .... but there's an active pub culture there. If you visit train in advance for hills. They have those canyons!

11:29 PM  
Blogger Jym said...

=v= There's been a Salt Lake City Critical Mass since at least 1998, and a much newer website:

Unfortunately this website has been hanging when I run my linkcheck program ...

1:08 AM  

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