Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ladies...this is for you

It was late, 1 in the morning and I stumbled across a site dedicated to fixed gear fans in their underwear and nothing at all. Comando style.

the website:
fixed gear enthusiass

Here's what it says on their home page:

Are you a woman who rides a hot track bike or a sexy singlespeed? Are you sick of catcalls and being "objectified" while riding your bike or because you ride a bike? Has someone ever said "I can see your kitty cat" while riding your bike in a skirt and being clearly covered up? Well fear no more. This site is dedicated to girls who love biker boys and are sick of all this shit. Time to strike back.

We are currently accepting photos of men in their undies or commando (if you insist) riding some sweet wheels. Sorry, only fixie and SS photos will be posted. Please see the Submission Information page if you would like to submit photos.

Heeled riders represent! Enjoy, girls.

**** I am currently on hiatus. If you have sent me photos in the last few months, now, or in the near future I will post them when i free up sometime in mid to late December. Thanks for your patience and keep checking back.****


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can thank Terror In Pink from for making that site.


12:35 AM  

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