Monday, December 05, 2005

Race Results for Rico

I had a great time in Boston this weekend. Hung out with Lucas Brunelle, the one person who can document alleycats like no other. His website gets thousands of hits a day and it's easy to see why. When Lucus is not running his business in the Boston area, he's perfecting the ultimate coverage of races with camera technology. Of course, the tools are only as good as the skills of the rider and Lucus has it down pat.
Racers at the, "Rico Sauve", benifit alley cat.

Meanwhile in DC, demon cats race collective had a highly sucessful fund raiser
for Rico Palacios, a bike courier who was injured. Both DC and Copenhagen threw races and raised about $2500 in combined funds. Then a single doaner, Larry Parks, matched the funds and threw in another $2500.

$5,000 was raised for Rico, here are some pictures from DC which come from the Demon Cats website.

Squid, representin NYC

From John of the demon cats themselves...
"Rico is still in a delicate situation, but he mother speaks in terms of long term recovery. Hopefully this money will help her relieve the financial burden that accidents like this seem to impose on the family of the hurt. It is enough that she has to worry about Rico without having to worry about money!

I'd like to thank the sponsors Kryptonite and Crumpler for not even hesitating to send down prizes on short notice.

To Manhattan Portage who threw in some bags via the NYC crew that came down and KICKED ASS, placing 2nd through 4th and half of the top ten, plus top woman!!!

To One Less Car for the scwhagg! I de-badged my Fuji to put a FREEDOM stciker on it. The Inconsiderate Driver stickers were a hit, as were the sweet T-shirts.

WABA (Maggie and Eric) threw in some sweet stuff, especially those fleece jackets!

Thanks to Big Jonny at drunk cyclist for posting the race on his site.

Again, we just want to thank all those who donated time, money or talent to come out in support of Rico and his mom.

I am sure he is feeling the love!!!"

The results are as follows. The top four were tied for points. They were determined by finishing place.

1. az. dc. 5800 pts 1st place overall!!!
2. ken stanek. nyc. 5800 pts 1st out of town (go team b.a.d.a.s.s.!)
3. squid. nyc. 5800 pts (thanks for racing, bro!)
4. dan chunk. nyc. 5800 pts
5. dan g. dc. 5600 pts
6. bruce bearn. dc. 5590 pts (trivia would have put him in first! gerardo is from ecuador.)
7. eric gilliland. dc. 5040 pts (representin' Washington Area Bicyclist Asscociation)
8. bega. dc. 4880 pts (my first alleycat was a bega race. thanks for racing. 35 miles? ouch!)
9. coach. dc. 4570 pts
10. johnny. nyc. 4240 pts
11. john lowe. boston. 4220 pts
12. ellen. nyc. 4210 pts (top female and the only woman racer to go by the checkpoint manned by my wife and son and his friend- are there laws against having 8-year olds manning checkpoints???)
13. christopher. vienna. 4200 pts
14. ken medley. dc. 4110 pts (what happened to tony?)
15. miles. dc. 4090 pts (you told me about rico, that got the ball rolling. thanks!)
16. sebastian. dc. 3950 pts (go demoncats!!!)
17. zach. dc. 3940 pts
18. kevin murphy. dc. 3900 pts (good race)
19. lola. dc. 3700 pts
20. kevin murphy's friend. dc. 3700 pts (he found your manifest)
21. krieg. ?. 3700 pts
22. marcus. arlington. 3580 pts
23. jenny. dc. 3500 pts
24. kevin keefe. dc. 3170 pts
25. dave sachs. dc. 3160 pts
26. nick. arlington. 3000 pts
27. chris dominican. nyc. 2800 pts
28. peter lee. dc. 2800 pts
29. matt styer. harrisonburg. 1970 pts (his h-burg races are legendary! see ya next year!)
30. kurt rosenburger. harrisonburg. 1930 pts.
31. unknown. unknown. 760 pts
32. joe joe chopper. burke. 750 pts
33. kevin costello. dc. 300 pts (didn't you win the simpson's jeorpardy race 2 weeks ago?)

Anyway guys, that's it!

Once again, thanks to all who particpated, donated or volunteered.

Also once again, THANX TO LARRY PARKS!!! You took a great event and made it twice as good! YOU ROCK!!!

Racing for Victory and to the thought of Rico getting better!!!

Check out a cool site for t-shirts...give the gift of bike love this holiday season.



Blogger Unknown said...

anyone interested in starting a critical mass in queens?

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I've always thought that Queens could use its own CM just like Brooklyn

12:22 AM  
Blogger gwadzilla said...

great pics
a sad story
a story that may well have a happy ending

I am not a messenger
don't even play one on TV
I am a cyclist here in Washington DC
and well
we are all brothers on the bike
even if we growl at each other from across the lane

the first image is Mike, a guy that I took a few shots of with his cargo trailer a few weeks back

in the future I hope to do a few more photo essays
the cold months are not as photogenic
and well
the messengers are hidding from the cold

2:50 PM  

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