Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Holiday Gift giving ideas...part 1

Well its that time again when we give gifts around the holiday season, so why not give some original gifts to your favorite bike rider.
Personally, I say wear it in a t-shirt...

Visit Dummer.org for the finest in stickin to that glutonous pig and the worlds most unnecessary vehicle. All shirts are American Apparel. I also have these tees in solid yellow...I have girls sizes and styles, so check out my site.
Speaking of T-shirts...here are some other cool sites I found for bike related threads...
4916 makes excellent designs of fixed gear, messenger culture.
Laek House makes t's and hoodies.

time's up has t-shirts of critical mass and stuff. All proceeds help one of the best local environmental groups out there.

Tired of Lance Armstrong tokenism yellow bracelets? livewrong


Blogger gwadzilla said...

all great ideas....

the LIVEWRONG bracelet is inexpensive
and would be a great gift for your cycling friends, your local mechanic, or that person at work that you just don't care for

2:45 PM  

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