Saturday, May 21, 2005

After Party for Critical Mass May 05

Reverend Billy, originally uploaded by Green Biker.

Critical Mass, the fun, hassle free bike ride where we are warmly welcomed by the NYPD is happening again! Wow what a surprise. You would think with all the amusing games of "your under arrest...for no real reason" cat and mouse games we've been having with the boys and girls in blue that this event would just go away. NOT. In case you hadn't noticed, this is bike month, there are more bikers on the road because of critical mass and there is a thriving culture of bike enthusiasts and Critical mass is just too damn fun.

There are a number of things to help with to make the May Bike Month advertised by the DOT in the Bike Month Calendar Critical mass Rock. Besides going to critical mass and bringing 10 of your friends you can also be creative.

Here is how to get involved...


It's bike month and summers almost here. Critical mass will be a big one...even bigger with an ARMY OF CARDBOARD BIKES!

Join the Not an Alternative collective and Time's Up! For cardboard prop production and set construction for next week's Critical Mass and Reverend Billy AFTERPARTY show and TIME'S UP! Benefit. Cardboard bikes will process from Union Square to St. Mark's church where we'll celebrate bike power and reenact that fateful RNC ride at the show later that evening. A cardboard set will include streets, traffic lights, more. No experience necessary...we'll have patterns and materials. Just bring yourself, your friends, and extra cardboard if you can.

They got cops, we got a cardboard army.

Sunday, 5/22. 12-7 pm

Tuesday, 5/24. 6:30-10pm

@ the Time's Up! space on Houston and Mulberry

(supply donations are most welcome: spraypaint, exactos, scissors, paint, duct tape)

After Critical Mass is a party hosted by: Reverend Billy.

Here are the details.

Fri, May 27 8:00 PM
Time's UP! Benefit, Critical Mass Night
St. Mark's Church in the Bowery, Corner 10th St. & 2nd Ave., New York, NY
Rev and the choir will raise money for the legal defense fund for TIME'S UP! environmental group, which is being sued by City. We will re-enact the night of April 27th, when, with Times Up! cyclists threw their bikes over the St. Mark's fence and accepted "Sanctuary" from Rev. Frank Morales and Deacon Jorge Diaz. Incredibly, with the helicopter hovering above, the cops backed down.

I beleive the ride will most likely make its way to the church.

My suggestion in remembrance of what happened at critical mass August 04...get into the church grounds with your bike as soon as possible.


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