Monday, May 09, 2005

Warriors...come out and see a movie

Warriors, originally uploaded by Green Biker.

Ok, I'm not just going to promote this movie because I worked on it, slaving away for a couple of weeks editing the thing (along with Chris Ryan and Jesse Epstein)
I'm not going to tell you to see this video because I was in the Warriors bike race and it was by far one of the most fun I've ever had in New York City. The reason you should see this because it is rare. This person, who shall go unnamed, lent us a bunch of the video footage he gathered for the event with the sole purpose that it would be used for the Bicycle film festival only. Well that was last year, when the video premiered. Now it is being shown again as part of the 5th annual bicycle film festival's greatest hits. There are some ownership issues with the footage so we can't just screen this thing when ever we feel like it.

So if you get a chance you should see this video and I would highly recommend trying to see as much of the bicycle film festival as possible. It is a great time and a chance to see really unique videos about bikes, bike messengers and bike culture from around the world.

Space is limited for all events, so it is recommended to get tickets on line.

The Warriors bike race was an event planned by bike messengers basically to recreate the experience and pay homage to a great NYC cult classic film, "the Warriros" This event was open to all, you just needed a bike and a gang of 7 of your friends willing to follow a route based on the movie from 7pm till 7am.

800 people participated in the event from all corners of the globe. It met at a park in the Bronx and then ended up in Coney Island at sunup.

Definitely one of the greatest events I've ever attended.

The Bicycle Film Festival is running from Thursday, May 12th-14th. On Saturday there is a bike parade from Madison Park to the Anthology Film Archives. (I hope to have my tall bike fixed in time)

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