Friday, July 25, 2008

I got quoted

Check it out, I got quoted in this week's issue of New York magazine.

Its all about bike locks with a few good tips on some products to keep your ride secure.

Of course that doesn't help if you let someone "tryout" your bike and they ride off with it.

Article by Scott Ward.

Also, David Byrne, unveils his creative bike racks:

from New York Magazine:

The Bike Rack As Art
Within the next two weeks, artist–rocker–bike lover David Byrne will unveil nine temporary bicycle racks around the city. Here he examines “The Jersey,” a welded steel silhouette of a car that will be installed near the Lincoln Tunnel on 39th Street and Ninth Avenue. Elsewhere: an abstract squiggle in front of MoMA, a wagging dog on La Guardia Place, and a reclining woman near 42nd Street dubbed “The Olde Times Square.”
Photograph Courtesy of Bill Scanga/Pace Wildenstein

and here is a video from the Wall Street Journal Online.


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great video and congrats on the quote.

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