Friday, June 06, 2008, going to go out and play

I found out this cool site for things going on in NYC, not that you needed more places to find places to go to. And not that you needed more facebook like networks to join.

I dig it, so check out

This is where I learned about:

This weekends Come out and Play festival.

Hosted by Blue stockings bookstore, this is a whole weekend of fun events around NYC such as turning the lower east side into a miniature golf course.
(here is the bike related part of this post, in case you were wondering if bikeblog has gone off on another random tangent)

Sunday, June 7th. 3pm

Come Out & Play 2008 in New York

Bike Friendly City
Pimp and build bike lanes for points and cred.

Start Time: Sunday 3 PM
Starting Location: Sara D Roosevelt Park by the basketball courts at the corner of Houston St and Forsyth St
# of players: 12-60
Duration: 1-2 hours
URL: (the have their own website so more events may be coming)
Designers: Catherine Herdlick

Part scavenger hunt, part guerilla art, and part bike race, Bike Friendly City is a game that arms teams with spray chalk and stencils to defend and create a pimped-out biker-friendly city. Play in the bike lanes and explore the streets in ways only an urban biker can appreciate!

The games was inspired by a passion for urban cycling and frustration with things that make that activity scary for the less adventurous. Run three times in 2007, the game has brought together individuals from different bicycle sub-cultures to play nice in our lanes (in a safe way!).

The Rules
Bike Friendly City is an urban street game that invites you to playfully explore existing bike lanes and imagine what our city would be like if we had more of them!

Teams of players compete to get the most points before time runs out. Points are earned by getting codes from city bike lanes and building new bike lanes on designated blocks. Bike Lanes' points are defended by teams by "pimping" the bike lanes with stencils and spray chalk, effectively covering up the codes so that other teams can't get and use them too

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