Friday, January 04, 2008

Balloon Project this Saturday in Manhattan

The Balloon Project started in San Francisco when a bunch of friends, intent on getting some aerial footage, launched a video camera attached to balloons. No strings attached: just the wind, gravity, and chasing it down by bike.

The New York Balloon Project will take place with a planned trajectory over Central Park this Saturday. The weather will be in the 40s, with the wind headed in a North-north-easterly direction through Manhattan.

As far as everyone here is concerned, the chase is the race. The objective is to follow and capture the balloons with video camera first. If you ride faster than the wind, you win. Money. $50 cash prize and YouTube FAME.

Short and sweet. No registration fee, no manifest, no checkpoints, no planned route. Just chasing the balloons to their final resting place after they're launched, rise up a few hundred feet, and gradually descend after 20-30 minutes.

Be at Columbus Circle at 1pm so the race and the New York Balloon Project can commence by 1.30.

Got doubts? This has been done in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Texas, Berlin, and on 2008 New Years in Times Square.
Here is a video from Berlin, only the German's could take something like this so seriously...hence the music.


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