Thursday, November 15, 2007

City Room Blog...Bikers Blog React while Drivers Chat.

The NY Times has a blog called CityRoom which has had a couple of stories that struck the fancy of this Bicycle Blogger.

One was about NYC fixed gear forum, an online source for fans of the single cog to discuss everything from the best music to rock while bombing broadway to who's making the most colorful parts to pimp your ride. (or more important stuff like the new romance of Tour De France winner Lance and one of the Olsen Twins)

the article, posted on November 14th by Joshua Brustein and titled: Stolen Bike? Geeky Chat comes to the rescue.

Some loyal forum contributers took offense to being called geeks, but the article pointed out how this tight online community was able to help out Agata Slota win back her custom fixie which had recently been swiped.

Thanks to this bike "geek" Jack for being alert...jack crank.jpg

the other blog posting was about a recent project by Hunter College researchers who monitored 3,210 NYC drivers at 50 intersections just to see how distracted they were while driving...check out the findings... here the next time your quick to blame a cyclists death because they didn't wear a helmet.


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