Monday, November 12, 2007

backin up...

Whats been going on? Well I had a pretty hard crash on my bike...yes the fixie, the one with no hand brakes...for all you "victim-blamers" out there. Oh yeah, and I was riding on the sidewalk. I'm not going to was very unglamorous. I hit a some sort of a weird storm grate down by the Shaffer landing apartments in Williamsburg. Down on Kent Ave. where the cement mixers coming barring through a 2-way roadway nicely lined with cars. Sometimes the sidewalk is the best option. I wasn't riding very fast and there were no pedestrians insight for me to bother or to witness one of the hardest falls I've ever experienced on two wheels. I just flipped over the handelbars and landed right on the old noggin. One word. HELMET. I can not imagine what condition my skull would be in if it were not for that 1/2 an inch of compressed stereofoam padding and a thin layer of plastic. I still got a nice bruise on my head, even with the helmet. But I realized, helmets are a good thing...even on that little trip to the dry cleaners or the deli. Then I tried to not ride my bike for a couple of days, just till I fixed the flat and remembered how to ride a fix again. Every journey on public transportation made me refirm how much more efficient the bicycle is. Sitting there waiting for the F train that never comes and the totally packed L train...I longed to be back on the bike no matter what the road conditions. Once you go bike, you never go back.

Then I turned 37 years old and we celebrated with a bowling party in Williamsburg's new alley: The gutter. Really fun dive bar and 8 lane bowling alley from the folks who brought you your Pac Man and Donkey Kong vintage arcade fix at Barcade

here are some pictures from our our party.

Here are a few things from the past...

Did you wonder who won the La Bruja Halloween Alleycat in NYC:

NYC 13th Annual Halloween Race

1st Dan Chabanov *Edged Felipe for the win in the last few blocks.
2nd Felipe The King *Caught a massive skitch over the Williamsburg Bridge to put him self back in contention.
3rd Andrew Toews *Don’t sleep on this guy. Third 3rd place finish in a row for him.
4th Ralph N. *Was in the lead after the bridge but got lost in Brooklyn.
5th Chris Cali
6th Yatica
7th Brantley
8th Dominican Chris
9th Cooper *Heard this kid was like 15?!?
10th Wesley

1st Girl Heather M.

Thanks to six racing for posting is a report back from the race...

"The Halloween weekend in NYC is always epic and 2007 was no exception. Whatever your in the mood for its happening here. Want to race bikes that go no where? Well Friday night was your chance. Chris Kim provided the bikes and the fastest legs in this city went at it. Corry the Courier vs. Felipe the King… Watching people ride nowhere was never this exiting. In the end Felipe was still the king. But Crihs still managed to crash a bike that wasn’t moving...."

more at team six report

The race ended at the 5th annual Black Label Bike Club's Bike are two photographers who took some awesome pictures of my favorite mutant bike event...

Tod Seelie of suckapants
I must have left early cause I didn't realize, they had bike surfing...
photo by Tod Seelie

and our own Ed Glazar took some dope pictures too:

ed's set


Blogger m.d said...

i always ride on the sidewalk on kent ave. no pedestrians use it and the surface is in decent condition.

helmets = good idea! i'm always amazed when people think they won't do much good. when i was a kid, i got hit by a car; a helmet would have saved me 10 days of hospitalization.

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