Friday, September 28, 2007

Tomorrow, Parade without a Permit

The Radical Homosexual Agenda is hosting another Parade without a Permit:



Queers, Allies and Everyone affected by the NYPD’s anti-assembly rules:
Join us in the streets as we challenge these rules!

We’re going to assemble in City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s district to PARADE WITHOUT A PERMIT! We’re going to deliver a big FUCK YOU to Speaker Quinn—after all, she’s quashed some of the very civil rights that made it possible for her, an out lesbian, to hold political office.

Bring noisemakers, signs and your dancing bodies out to reclaim OUR streets!

Why target Speaker Christine Quinn?

In 2006, multiple courts ruled the City’s assembly rules unconstitutional, and City Council was charged with fixing them. Instead of conducting public hearings and placing the matter into the hands of City Council, Speaker Quinn abdicated her responsibilities and allowed the NYPD to write these rules behind closed doors.

In February 2007, she rubberstamped the new rules into effect. Suddenly, it became illegal for 50 or more people to gather and process through New York City—unless they request and are given prior permission from the police.

Of course, the NYPD has a long history of attacking political groups, and one of their favorite tools is to deny permit requests of groups—like the organizers of the 2007 Trans Day of Action—who they don’t like.

Why do police decide who can assemble and who cannot? And since when do the police write rules? And why is all of this okay with Quinn?

Quinn so desperately wants to be mayor that she has sold the queer community and her constituents down the historical river for her own political gain. We’ll remind Quinn that she has her pot of gold, but she better not forgot the rainbow that led her to it!

The Stonewall veterans never asked for a permit, and neither will we!

Shout Out for a Pink and Black Block. Anyone who wants to participate, show your colors, jump in and dance to the beats of the Anti-Authoritarians, a queer drum corp.


Blogger Paul Tay said...

You guys ALREADY gots the permit. It's called the First Amendment, right?

3:20 PM  

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