Sunday, August 27, 2006

Catchin up--Critical Mass and New Jack City Alley Cat

Wow...This is hard...So many things going on.

Friday night was NYC critical mass on the heels of the NYPD backing down on enforcing new rules on parading. This did not stop a large police presence of scooter cops and ticketing, continuing the harassment of cyclists. There is also evidence that police stopped a videographer and knocked his camera to the much for free speech.

Of course, I missed another Critical Mass and instead went to the King Kog hosted: New Jack City Alley Cat.

We got to play drug dealer and the object of the race was to sell as much: "Crack" as you could in an hour and a half. Kind of like that first PDA video game we all wasted time with: Drug Dealer. The race started around 8:00pm in front of King Kog bike shop on Hope St. in the Willy B. This is where you registered and got a spoke card of an UZI and phat t-shirt that Team Screen designed with the slogan: "Crack Kills." Then Bill from Messnyc, announced the rules of the game and gave the first location of the "Carter House" (From the movie New Jack City). The race worked like this. You go to the Carter house to get Crack and a manifest which has the location of 3 places to sell the crack and get your manifest marked with a green sharpie. Every sell is one mark, per checkpoint, until you fill up the manifest and thus...need to get some MO CRACK. So you ride back to the Carter house, get new viles and a new manifest...the one who sells the most...WINS. But there was a snafu...Cause crime don't always pay and the Man is out there to bust you. 2 people were randomly selected to be cops, they were competing to see who could make the most busts. Armed with a red and blue sharpie if they caught you at a checkpoint (where a deal was going down) you got busted and recieved a red or blue mark on the manifest and 0 points. The cops looked like other riders and would hang out at the checkpoints to spoil your game.

We got some good video of this race but my helmet cam somehow turned off after a half hour and we didn't get the great footage of "officer" Ken taking his role of the undercover the extreme.

I believe Sean won this race. More details will soon be posted...probably by Ken on the NYBMA website.


Anonymous zm said...

For the record, Ken played meanest cop on the earth. He must’ve realizing his wet-dream playing the part. He chased me down the staircase, pinned me on a wall while cussing and yelling over is sweaty pig head. Later he deflated someone’s tyre as well.

He didn’t win prize for the collar compe against other cop. Justice!


12:46 PM  

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