Tuesday, August 01, 2006

July Critical Mass report...

Will, of Onnyturf.com, has a report on the last NYC critical mass...

"The ride started brilliantly. A few hundred cyclists, 250 to 300 had gathered at the north end of Union Square. Rather than starting by heading south down Park Ave to Broadway, the ride broke out at the North West corner, heading across 17th street toward 5th Ave. It was about 8pm. 20 Police scooters had lined themselves up on the West Side of the park, and they were a little slow getting to 17th street.---

*read whole the whole story here

*Blog note:

Please read carefully, this is a great detailed description about how the NYPD effectively creates more blocked traffic than the people do and then lie to us about how the bikers are the real problem to motor vehciles and the general flow of the streets.


Blogger Ken Zirkel said...

External link seems to be broken ("read the whole story here")

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Google is your friend!

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