Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Useful stuff sent to me

Mike Pidell sent me a link to his video of the memorial ride which he posted on google video...It looks like he has a bunch of other Time's Up related movies as well. Nice work Mike.

video link

This weekend was Bicycle Fetish day and Victor's fourth of July alleycat weekend. This was a great time, except for my broken helmet cam...

Congradulations to all those who won ribbons at bike fetish day for things like..."heaviest bike," "nicest fix gear" and "ugliest bike"...come on...is any bike really ugly?

Congradulations to: Carlos, Cali and Yatika for their win at Victor's lengthy alleycat race. and to Ellen, Kym and Heidi for representing for the ladies. And let me say a special shout out to my man Jonathon who got 9th place in his 5th alleycat race.

Ken at NYBMA has full results of the race and a nice little story.

photo by Amy Bolger

Amy has some photos here.

Here are my photos

and blue Cinema got some too.

more pix

There is a great letter available for download that can be sent to some important people about how the city can clean up its act towards cyclists. Its designed so you can just attach your name and address if you are down with what it says. There is also a list of address to send it too.

the letter


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