Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Breakfast on the Bridge

Friday, June 30th. A group of Time's Up volunteers will be hosting "Breakfast on the Bridge" 7:30am till Noon. On the Williamsburg side of the Williamsburg Bridge. Come over for free breakfast treats from the fine folks at Time's Up.

See, cool things for bikers don't just happen in Portland Oregon.

Rich says:

"this breakfast thing is lots of fun, and you can just stop by for a
little bit, eat a muffin and show up a little late to work with a full
tummy, and a smile on your face."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why are all the breakfast treat things always catered to williamsburg bridge riders? kinda lame that none of that stuff spreads to people who live in other neighborhoods. I would be shocked to find something of that nature in my low income neighbor hood. oh well, I guess that is the nature of living in america.

10:27 AM  

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