Friday, July 14, 2006


Ok, I'm late for work and I still got to put air in my tires from a horrible day of flats yesterday....ugh.

This will be brief...

Tonight is Brooklyn Critical Mass. You should all know the dates and places...just check the archive or go to the Time's Up website.

Then tonight is the Time's Up/Rude Mechanical Orchestra..fundraiser.

Sunday...go to the beach.

Also this Sunday is a Rally to stop Bruce Ratner from DESTROYING Brooklyn...Stadium deals are no brainers...The Rich win and take our property and give us unaffordable housing and bad traffic, while they get skyboxs to watch the Nets on our tax dollar. And we wonder why Johnny can't read.

go to develop don't destroy


Anonymous Miss Lee said...

hey Mike,
great pix.
XUP has had a similar ride on its calendar for over a year now but we take the Bedford Ave. bike lane all the way down to Emmons Ave. so it is mellower than Flatbush.
We ride once a month, on the last Sunday of the month, leaving the BK side of the W'burg Bridge at 10:30 am and GAP at 11 am.
This month, however, it is on the 23rd of July.
See you on the sand!

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

10:53 AM  
Anonymous amyb said...

How fast is a fast-paced ride? Love biking to the Rockaways, but want to make sure I can keep up — don't want to by stranded on Flatbush with my dinky hybrid bike!

11:18 AM  

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