Sunday, October 30, 2005

Alley cats galore and Bike Kill 05

The crew from Track Star working a checkpoint at Bike Kill. Races had to smell the bloody underwear.

Right Behind the brand new Home Depot in Bed-stuy Brooklyn, doing its part to put all small hardware stores out of buisness, and give lots of jobs to people for minuim wage is Sanford St. This was the site of this years BIKE KILL, hosted by the Black Label Bike Gang of Brooklyn It was also the site of one of the check points for "La Calavera" alley cat race hosted by Track star This was a mammoth three hour race not for the faint at heart which cross-crossed its way in and out of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

There were mad alley cats happening all over the world on this Halloween weekend.

check out This is a great site that lists all the races.
Here is one in Berlin which is supposed to be the Biggest of the year in Europe.
Portland Oregon
another flyer from a Toronto Race.
Home Depot was nice enough to lend us one of their shopping carts for Bike Kill.

While lost messengers raced into Sanford St looking for the checkpoint. Mutant Bikes galore rampaged in the Bike Kill.

Some of the gangs in attendance were:

Chunk 666
The Butt Scratchers
Rat Patrol
Cut Throats.

Pictures can be found at:
Nyc indymedia
and my flickr page which I still have to make...but now i have to go to work.
World's oldest bike gang member...Danzig
Chicken race with Chunk 666


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