Friday, October 28, 2005

Critical Mass / Time's Up wants your support Tonight

Tonight is Critical Mass-Special Halloween Dress up ride...there will probably be many people dressed up in blue...but they are not in costume. Time's Up wanted me to remind you that tonight after critical mass is there fundraiser. This amazing environmental group has been servicing the community for 18 years with free bike rides, education and hard work grass root organizing for a better environment. Tonight is there one night were they really ask for donations, so come to the party at 49 East Houston St. at 8pm. It's 5.00, no one will be turned away. Pay more if you can. Should be a great time.

Also, one of the film makers from Still We Ride is continuing to cover the ongoing attack on critical mass and wanted to pass on this annoucement to those across the Atlantic.

hi uk shooters,

my name is Chris, sometimes referred to as Team Spider, others as The
Lost Viking, i have been covering the ongoing CRIMINALIZATION of the
Critical Mass bikes rides in NYC for the last 4 years or so.

I recently heard that this month's LONDON CRITICAL MASS RIDE has been
served notice & that there will be arrests. I would like to hook up
with a London shooter to cover this turn of events. I will be
shooting in NYC, where the police have already begun systematically
ticketing cyclists since earlier in the week .

I was one of the creators of the documentary: STILL WE RIDE, as well
the movie WARRIORS: THE BIKE RACE. People familiar with those
films, and my personal style will know that whether I am lost in the
Bronx in a Viking Costume, or taping from handcuffed hands in a paddy
wagon, i manage to get good stuff, and capture a sense what the hell
is happening, even if i don't quite know.

If you are of the same ilk,
-a.k.a. slightly retarded, talented, very experienced
-and want to be a London Correspondant for the ongoing story...
( which i honestly hope does not continue over to the UK)

please contact me.

must be good at
-filming while being pursued,
-interviewing passerbys,
-getting police to tell you what they really think, and
-several other skills best left unsaid.

feel free to forward this to anyone with a heart, a bike, a brick,
and a proximity to a camera shop with plate glass windows.


Also here is a story from News Day about the bad reaction of Rapper Foxy Brown at a critical Mass. I have video of this and need to get it out there.


Foxy Brown was hit-and-run driver, ex-friend says


October 28, 2005

A former friend of Foxy Brown came out swinging Thursday, claiming the
rap diva conspired to blame her for a Manhattan hit-and-run accident
14 months ago.

Clothing designer Ayesha Ouattara, 37, speaking through her lawyer,
said Brown -- not her -- was at the wheel of a Land Rover when it
struck two bicyclists on West Houston Street during a Critical Mass
cyclists' ride on Aug. 27, 2004.

At the time, the group in the vehicle was rushing from one Louis
Vuitton shop to another, trying to reach the second shop before it
closed because Brown, 25, wanted to buy something, according to
Ouattara's lawyer, Donald Birnbaum.

Ouattara was arrested in October and charged with two counts of
leaving the scene of an accident.

"Foxy tried to pressure Ayesha," said Birnbaum, who was in State
Supreme Court in Manhattan Thursday with his client. "There was
influence brought to bear on her. Other people also put pressure on

But Ouattara is holding her ground, Birnbaum said. He asserted that
Brown and others conspired to lie about Brown's involvement and blame
Ouattara for the incident.

"I am very certain my client is innocent," Birnbaum said. "I am also
very certain my client will be vindicated. Foxy put all kinds of
pressure on Ayesha for her to take the weight, and Ayesha is not
taking the weight for anybody."

Brown's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, disputed the accusations, noting that
Ouattara was working as a driver for Brown. After the incident, she
was fired, he said.

"The bottom line is, Foxy was not driving that car," Tacopina said,
describing Ouattara as "the disgruntled employee who's trying to get
out-from-under by switching things around."

One of the cyclists hit by the Land Rover, Matthew Campau, 36, was not
injured. The second victim, Robert Herschenfeld, 38, suffered a minor
leg injury. Both are from Williamsburg.

Herschenfeld, a building designer, told Newsday on Tuesday that he saw
a woman get out of the Land Rover and yell an insulting phrase against
white homosexuals. Then the woman got back in the vehicle and the
driver hit the gas, striking Herschenfeld and Campau.

Herschenfeld remembered someone yelling out, "Hey, that's Foxy Brown."

At the time, he said, he knew nothing about Foxy Brown. Later, he saw
her picture on the Internet and realized she was the woman who had
yelled at the crowd. Herschenfeld said he wasn't sure if Brown had
been behind the wheel.

Birnbaum said that after the incident Ouattara persuaded Brown to let
her drive. Several blocks later, Ouattara was involved in an accident
of her own that caused no injuries.

The lawyer said she cooperated with police, who at the time ignored
other bicyclists who had caught up to the Rover and told officers that
Brown had struck two men minutes earlier.

Copyright (c) 2005, Newsday, Inc.


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