Monday, July 11, 2005

Last minute but pack the court room if you can

Just got this email:

Bike Riding Is Not a Crime!
Pack The Court for the Trial of Bicyclist Marissa Day

The jury trial of Marissa Day begins at 9:30am on Tuesday July 12th in New
York Criminal Court, 100 Centre Street room Jury Part 1 on the 5th floor.

Marissa, 20, was arrested for participating in a Critical Mass bicycle
ride. She is charged with assault, resisting arrest and four other
offenses. The prosecution is trying to make an example of Marissa by
asking for a sentence of 60 DAYS JAIL if she agrees to plead guilty.
Marissa maintains her complete innocence.

Marissa is one of over 300 bicyclists arrested in Manhattan on August 27,
2004 immediately prior to the Republican National Convention.

It is important that we fill the courtroom.

9:30am New York County Criminal Court 100 Centre ST room Jury Part 1 5th
Take the N,Q,R,W,6,J,M to Canal Street and walk three blocks south on
Centre ST. Centre ST is just east of Lafayette ST.


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