Monday, July 11, 2005

President Bush is useless

Ok so he can't run the country and he sure as hell can't ride a bicycle. George W. Bush fell off his mountian bike while taking a ride outside of the G8 summit in Scotland, July 9th. Not only did he crash but he sent a police officer to the hospital. What a freakin dork. This is not the first time our beloved world leader of stupidity has fallen off a bicycle and he fell while trying to ride one of those segway movable people movers. Maybe Pappa Cheney should put his training wheels back on his little tricycle. Maybe he would have gotten some cordination back in school if he wasn't so busy getting busted for cocaine and dodging military service. Ahh, I know...I picking on poor little Georgie...good. I also like that there is no published photos of Bush falling on his bicycle. Would that be too embarassing?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GLASGOW, Scotland, July 6 - It was President Bush's 59th birthday on Wednesday, and it started out in Denmark, with a suitably celebratory intake of cake for breakfast and cake again for lunch. It ended up in Scotland, with a collision on a rain-slicked road.

Mr. Bush, apparently aiming to burn off some of his birthday calories after arriving at the Gleneagles resort in Scotland, took his mountain bike out for a spin. He was pedaling along at what his spokesman, Scott McClellan, described as "a pretty good speed" when he crashed into a local police officer who had been standing guard along the road.

The president, who was wearing a helmet, slid across the asphalt, suffering "mild to moderate" scrapes on his hands and arms, Mr. McClellan said, and was bandaged by the White House physician, Dr. Richard Tubb.

The White House provided no details of any damage to Mr. Bush's ego. The police officer unlucky enough to have been in the president's path was taken to a local hospital and later released after doctors found no fractures. Mr. McClellan said the president had spent some time with the officer, whose identity was not released by the White House, right after the collision.

Later, after attending a dinner given by Queen Elizabeth II, Mr. Bush telephoned the officer to say he was glad he had not been badly hurt and to wish him well.

The president has had to give up running because of a bad knee, and he gained weight during the campaign last year, giving him, he has said, all the more reason to indulge his passion for a vigorous workout on his bike.

But he is no stranger to painful spills; he picked up some cuts and bruises last summer after tumbling off his bike at his Texas ranch. In May, the Secret Service decided not to interrupt a ride he was taking in Maryland to tell him the White House was being evacuated because of a plane that had flown into unauthorized airspace over Washington.

Perhaps before mounting his bike in Scotland, he had been lulled into overconfidence by the horoscope in The Washington Post on Wednesday for people born on July 6: "You have so many brilliant ideas this year!"

3:14 PM  
Blogger kathryn said...

i am wholly entertained that in a report i read, it was referred to as "the presidential bicycle".
poor little georgie and his road rash.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous drewo said...

Kinda ironic that this country's best cyclist and worst cyclist both hail from the same state.

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