Friday, June 24, 2005

Bush saves PBS?

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Am New York has been my preferred free newspaper of choice of those forced upon you in the morning by eager delivery people, hoping you choose their product. The cover of AM New York caught my attention right away. What a joke. They've really blown it this time. Did George W. Bush save Sesame Street? NO. At First glance at this free paper, this is what most people are going to think. What I wrote is what the paper should say. Elmo should be slapping baby Bush in the mouth for almost taking Sesame street off the air.
If it weren't for him and his neo-conservative cronies that pull his little puppet strings, we wouldn't even have PBS or NPR. The masters of privatization are hell-bent on destroying all of our FREE public services and have had their eye on PBS since Nixon days. Then, it was Newt Gingrich leading the charge to strip this important service form the people. Now its time to try again. It isn't bad enough, our supposed elected representatives drop billions of dollars into the Neo-Cons war in Iraq. A war that is going nowhere. Billions and Billions of dollars to beef up our forces, even though military recruitership is not meeting their goals month after month. But not to worry, all of the private military contractors in Iraq or making out just fine, clocking in more duckets then our brave men and woman in the arm services will see in a lifetime. That's right our tax dollars going to build huge military bases in Iraq with Pizza Hut and McDonalds so we can safely guard our oil reserves. Some PRIVATE military contractors make 1,000 dollars a day to drive heads of state safely to-and-from the Airport. Yes it's the lovely world of a privatized war, to protect private capital gains. Where did I learn this? On PBS on Frontline called "Private Warriors" made by investigative journalist: Martin Smith.
You see the real problem here is not weather we have billions of dollars for Dick Cheney's private oil war vs. paying to keep Big Bird on the air. It's about the Neo Conservatives not being able to handle the truth. After all this is what journalism is supposed to be about. It's what right-wingers can't handle, and anyone they don't like...time to go.

If they don't like the UN questioning the war...drum up scandal on Koffi Annan and the Oil for Food Program.

If they don't like PBS questioning the war, drum up scandal on the Corporation for Public Broadcastings chairman of board of directors.

Then act like this is about PBS and NPR being too biased. TOO BIASED? Maybe they should follow the example of fair and balanced journalism like FOX news? And when you don't like what people have to say...just tell them to shut-up, right Bill O'Reilly? This is what private news agencies get to do. So Bush appointed, Brooklyn native Patricia Harrison as the president and chief executive to the CPB. No bias there. She was co-chair of the Republican National Committee from 1997-2001. Seems like an excellent choice to have a Republican watching over what is said on PBS. What experience does she have in public broadcasting?? None. Maybe Ernie and Bert could host a right wing conservative program that teach kids how to abstain from sex and how the bible teaches homosexuality is evil. This could balance things out from all those extreme leftist nature shows and that communist propaganda on Nova. Well praise the lord that the otherwise useless Democrats in the House could take their head out of the sand for 5 minutes to see the importance of having PBS and NPR.

Today there will be a memorial on the streets for the 25 year killed by a truck 2 days ago. 6:00pm at Houston and Elizabeth St. Before Critical Mass.

Here is an article from the News Day:


A terrified bicyclist, knocked to the ground by a
delivery truck, screamed out in desperation seconds
before being crushed to death yesterday on a Manhattan

"Stop! Stop!" screamed the cyclist, Andrew Morgan, 25,
of Brooklyn.

But the driver inched forward, making a right turn
from E. Houston St. onto Elizabeth St. about 10:25
a.m. The box truck, from Dockside Furniture Services
in Bayonne, N.J., hit the cyclist and pinned him under
the axle.

"After that scream, he was silent," said witness Peter
Martin, 54, of Manhattan.

The blue bicycle lay twisted in the street, and Morgan
was motionless. Onlookers used a forklift, possibly
from a nearby construction site, in a desperate
attempt to move the truck off Morgan. Paramedics
arrived minutes later and rushed him to St. Vincent's
Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Police issued the driver a summons for an expired
inspection sticker but didn't charge him in Morgan's

"It looked like an accident," a police source said.
"The truck driver didn't see him."

Morgan, who moved to the city about two years ago from
Austin, Tex., worked at the Blue Ribbon Bakery Market
in Greenwich Village. In his free time, he played the
guitar, dabbled in photography and loved to paint.

He wanted to travel the world and had quickly fallen
for the city.

"He loved it here," said Brian Schreck, 25, a close
friend. "He loved the people. He thought the more time
he spent here, New York became smaller."


So apparently these trucks can't see us or hear us when we make desperate pleas for our lives. Another day on the safe streets of NYC. Lets get more trucks out there shall we.


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