Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Monster Track DVD is finally available.

After a long wait, tweaks with the Paypal and sexual favors offered to our web gurus...our DVD is finally out.

Now you can support bike blog by checking out my first video compilation.

This is the story about Monster Track, the fixed gear only alleycat race which takes place every winter in NYC. A real test of skill, overcoming a brakeless bike, bad weather and unpredictable traffic that makes alleycat racing such a unique urban sport and gets all the spandex roadies screaming about bad bicycle behavior.

The dvd features:

"Track Kaiju," the short film I made in 2007 for the Bicycle Film Festival. A story about this years CMWC champion, Shino, the world's fastest messenger, taking the long journey from Tokyo with his good friend Hal to race in NYC's most prestigious underground bike race...Monster Track. They are picked up at the airport by the notorious world famous bike messenger Mike Dee and lead on a journey both of fun and training for the big race. The are introduced to a unique level of courier ambassadorship which includes seeing old friends, taking a spin class and playing paint ball.

also featuring:

"Monster Track the race" this is a film covering the race itself from many different angles including the ingenious skills of Lucas Brunelle and his helmet cameras. Get an inside look at this alleycat race from start to finish with cameras going into traffic to catch every moment.

then there is:

"Monster Track-not a race video" spend a moment with our hosts Mike Dee and alleycat champ Kym Perfetto as they interview many of the participants of Monster Track, before the race starts. A big shout out to all those involved from the legends to the first time rookies.

There are also lots of bonus tracks on this dvd making it a very unique shout out to the whole scene of alleycat racing.

available here on this website: Monstertrack8.com

here is the trailer:

Monster Track DVD trailer. from Michael Green on Vimeo.

Buy your copy today for just $20.00 (+5.00 for shipping and handling)

Support bikeblog and I can make more videos!


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