Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bike to work...duh.

Not only is it bike month, why its also Bike-to-Work week, only this time its looking a whole lot more appealing for people who just put another $50.00's worth of gas in their tank. Even the main stream press is getting into this like CNN running this story on San Diegans biking to work to save money and loose weight. Who knew.
click image for video:

Unfortunately this was followed by a story of how a car plowed into a Marshalls store.
Thats one way to get to work.

Not to ring some sort of self righteous bell here but it does feel pretty good to have all this positive energy about the benefits of biking for a better environment.
Bike-to-work week was put together by the league of American Bicyclists , to set up during bike month and leading up to bike to work day...which is Friday the 16th.

Meanwhile the EPA has a question of the week. "To Bike or not to Bike to Work."

Give them feedback here.

Also the Sierra Club has some information from their Answers guy...Mr. Green...wait I'm Mr. Green.

Wait, Dad?

Check it out here



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