Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's going on with Union Square North?

Is this the next Guantanamo? ...To hold and interrogate radical bike activists and subject them to loud Brittany Spears songs?

Nope, its your friendly neighborhood constructions or should we say disruption.
Gothamist has a story on local neighborhood activists banning together to halt construction of a private restaurant and park plans.

Friday-APRIL 25th, Arbor Day, there will be a rally in Union Square to Protest the construction from 6-8pm RIGHT WHEN CRITICAL MASS STARTS.

Here is more info on that rally.


Sunday, April 27th...Reverend Billy will be leading a Rally against Privatizing our Parks.

Here is a letter from the Rev:

The Parks Are For All The People!

Dear Lovers of Union Square Park and Freedom in Our City,

By now some of you may have heard of impending changes on the north side of Union Square Park. This effort by the Local Business Improvement District was sold to the people as a desperately needed "refurbishment" of the Playgrounds and Green Market but it's little more than a land grab. Geoffrey Croft, president of NYC Park Advocates says, "The city is taking away thousands of square feet of potential play space in an area with the lowest amount of play space in the city and one of the highest concentration of restaurants."

Society chef Danny Myer is the chairman of the Union Square Partnership and the future proprietor and profiteer of the fancy cafe planned for the pavilion. It's construction will include tearing down 14 trees. Construction began two weeks ago but was halted by a judge today !!

THIS is our chance to save Union Square. On SUNDAY APRIL 27th at 3 pm we are having a rally to HALT the privatization of our BELOVED park.

Meet at the North End of Union Square. Check ""> Rev for details. PLEASE get involved, spread the word, be creative, CONTACT US.

Ny Times article on the Halting of construction.



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