Sunday, April 27, 2008

Couple of ways to recycle.

Now the last thing you need is another person telling you how you can make a difference in making the planet more "Green." How to properly recycle in the work place while the janitor dumps all the white paper into the regular trash thus rendering the giant corporation you work for exempt from having to make a difference and you feeling guilty and thinking..."why bother." Why should I swap all the light bulbs in my house when I just bought them at Walmart and all their 10 gazillion stores are using millions of energy wasting fluorescents fixtures?

I guess we all have to figure out how to make a difference in our own way. Here are a few ways of helping out locally and perhaps ways of recycling you hadn't heard of.

This weekend and Monday, Everyone's favorite mac store, Tekserve along with the Lower East Side Ecology Center, is offering free electronic recycling. Bring down your old hard drives, DVD players, monitors, etc. to there store at 119 West 23rd street. Sunday, April 27th from 10am through 4pm and Monday, April 28th from 4pm to 7pm. Win a chance for a free Ipod and Mac computer and rid of your old gear the ecco-friendly way.

3rliving, cool ecco-products store has unique recycle year round. This funky store in Park Slope (276L 5th Ave) will gladly take your used CD's, DVDS, Cell phone parts and even batteries.



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