Thursday, March 27, 2008

Turning up the heat in March. Critical Mass press conference with video footage. 3/28/08

This Friday is the March, NYC critical Mass. The war continues. One year ago the NYPD threw down the hammer making arrests and continuing to exhibit the grudge they've had against this monthly event. Only one problem. We caught it all on video tape!!

There will be a press conference at Union Square North at 7:00pm

Press Release:

New York, NY (March 26, 2008) – This Friday, March 28th, Critical Mass
participants will be joined by a diverse group of videographers, artists,
activists and politicians outraged over NYPD regulatory constraints on the
civil liberties of New Yorkers. Prominent speakers from the community
will participate in the "Still We Speak" rally to denounce the NYPD's
First Amendment abuses, including the parade permit rules which limit the
number of people who can legally assemble in a public place.

Video evidence presented at the rally will show a high ranking police
officer violating a federal consent decree while arresting two people
documenting police activity in Times Square during the March, 2007
Critical Mass ride. The NYPD's harassment of citizens who document police
activity is a direct violation of a federal consent decree and is also
prohibited by the NYPD's own Patrol Guide. This infringement on the First
Amendment rights of the camerapersons resulted in an ongoing CCRB
investigation and a request to the Attorney General, US Attorney and
District Attorney to bring perjury charges against the arresting Sergeant
for false statements contained in the criminal complaints that were
brought and dismissed against the two camerapersons.

Civil Rights Attorney, Norman Siegel will join others to demand that the
arbitrary 50-person permit rule be overturned. "It does not make legal or
constitutional sense and it creates an unnecessary burden and chill on
First Amendment rights to peaceful protests." says Siegel.

Rally participants will include Norman Siegel, Retired NYPD Detective
Marquez Claxton of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, Christian
Gutierrez, videographer arrested March 2007 and Reverend Billy & the
Church of Stop Shopping Choir.

**Video recording of NYPD abuse on March 30, 2007, will be available to
the press at the rally. Overview of video footage can be seen:

View a copy of letter to Attorney General requesting perjury prosecution: Here



Blogger Unknown said...

Critical mass in Winnepeg got hit pretty hard about a year and a half ago. Undercover cops mixed in with the crowd of bikes. Someone got into a fight with him (he was instigating) and was later charge with assaulting an officer.

Anyone hear any other towns?

7:12 PM  

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