Thursday, March 13, 2008

Velocity Round up

Photo by Dave August

So who won tickets to the cycle messenger world championships in Toronto you ask?

For the ladies:

Alissa Eberle

and for the Men:

Andrew Toews.


This was part of Sunday's Monster Track Weekend, The 3rd annual Velocity Tour hosted by Kevin "Squid" Bolger of Cyclehawk Couriers.

Some more race results:

Velo City NYC 2008 Results
# City Bikers Women Team
382 Lauren Kung Cambridge Bicycle
10 Heidi Goodson Comedy Central
24 Brittlee Bowman N/A

# Messenger Women Team
43 Alissa Eberle N/A

# City Biker Men Team
390 Tadeusz Marszalek Sommerville Sports
46 Luke Stiles DART
40 Alex (Marius Farioletti) Affinity

# Messenger Men Team
23 Andrew Toews N/A
17 Dan Chabanov Six Racing
7 Shusaku Shiroyamu Six Racing

This is a velodrome series that gives hard working couriers a chance to take their track bikes to a place they were meant to go and try for tickets to the CMWC, which happens to be in Toronto this year.

It was also open to city riders, opening up lots of opportunity for people to test out their skills on the track out in Kissena Queens.

Next stop: Los Angeles April 10th and San Francisco May 10th


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