Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Link added...Zoobomb.

Brandy, that highly skilled mutant bike rider from Portland wanted to make sure I added zoobomb to my list of links to bike gangs. Check them out and also see Not sure what the difference is in websites.

Zoobomb are a gang in Portland Oregon, that state with lots of Anarchists, cyrstal meth addicts, the highest unemployment and the greatest US city to ride a bike (in my opinion)

this is what there homepage says:
ZooBomb is a weekly bike event that meets every Sunday around 8:30PM across from Rocco's Pizza (949 SW Oak) in Portland OR. Bring a bike if you have one, MAX fare, bike lights, and any saftey gear you want to wear. You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks but you must clean up everything you bring with you. Its a good time and you WILL have fun!

Ok, just to be more accurate with this blog...the State of Oregon does not have the highest umemployment rate...Thanks to Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi is number one at 9.9 percent. Oregon is actually 5.9 percent and makes them 9th on the State by State list according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (yes I looked it up) But Oregon is probably the best state to be umemployed in, as long as you have a bike.

It was much harder to find out who has the highest precentage of crystal meth addicts or anarchists. I did see a recent frontline episode which talked about meth and pointed to Portland as having a high precentage of arrests and convictions of meth addicts.

Anrachists? well, we're everywhere and on bikes!!


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