Saturday, March 04, 2006

Monster Track 7 group ride video

Ok, I'm excited. This is my first video published on the web using you tube.

I am also excited about the immediacy in which this was posted. This event happened last night at 7:50pm. We all took the Williamsburg Bridge, not the bike path, dammit!

I appologize, cause the quality is kind of crappy, but I am just starting to experiment with compression. That was only a 12mb clip. I shot it on a dvx100a with a wide angle, while riding a bike, dammit! Then imported it into imovie HD. Normally I use Final Cut, but this was easy and I was able to do it on a Ibook G4. I compressed it using the CD-rom settings and posted it. The whole process took like an hour. If other people have winning formulas for doing this please let me know, such as best compression rate and such. I recently bought a helmet cam, so I hope to be able to shoot events like Critical Mass, edit the footage right after and throw it up on the web. I mean, isn't that what it's all about!