Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Boston Alley Cat...Feb. 25th.

Boston hosted Schlitzandgiggles Alley cat race, naked trackstands, indoor footdown and gold sprints. What more could you want.

Pictures from flickr tag the word alleycat.
Riders gather in the snow.

More pictures at:
rushin revolution

NYC was there to represent and Squid has a story about the event...

February 25, 2006

It was cold windy and snowing. Not the fluffy cute snow but the wet and sloppy snow. More than ninety cycle couriers and city bikers from up and down the east coast braved the weather and registered for what turned out to be one hell of a great event.

Call me crazy but I love riding my bike in the snow! Few things sound better to me than getting to haul ass round Boston on a winter day.

The ride was organized by Jill and Lauren and they did a great job! It was a timed scavenger hunt with mandatory and bonus stops. You could gain extra points by buying Schlitz, hell yeah.

With more than forty bonus stops and so many riders, people worked together and traded answers. I don’t consider it cheating, we were helping each other and having a blast.

Jill is the #1 painter at Independent Fabrications and they donated their factory space for a checkpoint and the party.

My favorite checkpoints were doing a no hands shot of whiskey, getting your picture taken with a professional photographer, and drinking a bunch of Schlitz at the other side café.

Special shout out to Nate, Craig, Pete, and Howie. These Bostonians rode like demons and planned our route. At some points we were riding in packs of thirty people, and at other times I was with Nate and Chris from NY.

We rode hard and saw a lot of Boston. We also chilled and eventually collected every piece of information on the manifest. I even got all the possible bonus points by getting a receipt for fifteen shlitz and I carried four forties to the finish.

Mike Dee, Hodari and Chris Kim complimented the party with a flawless Goldsprint competition. There was naked track stand and the craziest footdown ever. It was buy back in for a dollar, raising money for the Bike Messenger Emergency Fund.

The prize for footdown was an IF track frame! That kept the competition level high. In the end it came down to a spectacular wipeout involving Howie and Sassy James. Boston held it down in their hometown and Ben Frank won the frame.

Howie won the overall race and Lola took it for the ladies. I took first out of town (!). I got loaded up with prizes including a killer floor pump and an awesome medal.

I love Boston and this race makes ten years of alleycats for me in Bean Town.

Props to Lauren and Jill for raising $1100 for the Bike Messenger Emergency Fund!

Ride Safe-

Race results posted at nybma


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