Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bike Month in full swing

grandarmyplaza, originally uploaded by Green Biker.

This is a huge weekend for bicycles. It is also Bike Month hosted by Transportation Alternatives and the Department of Transportation. Hmmmm. Interesting that both of these agencies seem to demonize critical mass or don’t want anything to do with the rif-raf who dare to ride their bikes on the last Friday of every month. On top of that turning of the other check attitude, the city is trying to sue time’s up for promoting this supposed illegal bike ride. Funny how both of these agencies spent thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign and color calendar, which promotes the critical mass ride in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Oh the hypocrisy!!! It's great news and great to see this and many cool bike events are listed in the calendar. You can also get the schedule on-line at:

In other news: Washington DC had it's biggest security scare since 9-11. A small aircraft entered the white house air space supposedly lost on route to an air show. The congress had to be evacuated in mid session. An where was our fearless leader who is so actively engaged in monitoring the security of our nation? No, not reading a story to kindergarten kids, he was riding his bicycle. I'm not sure weather to be happy about this or disgusted that our president takes more vacation time then any president we've ever had. He must be exhausted from that road trip promoting the privatization of social security. Good for you Mr. Bush! Ride that bike. He is also best buddies with Lance Armstrong 6 time winner of the tour de France. Again, not sure weather to be disgusted or excited. Not at Lance.

Meanwhile in New York City, police are narrowing in on the novelty grenade bandit who struck the British consulate on the day of England's elections. Looking at fuzzy video footage they discovered a jogger and a cyclist were passing by at the time of the explsion. I think they are getting closer to the mad biking bomber terrorist. Hmmm, I wonder how they’ll spin this against the critical mass? Should we ride past the British consulate on Friday and throw flowers? Maybe the police should investigate video footage from area video surveillance of how a garbage truck killed a cyclist in broad daylight.

So today kicks off the Bicycle Film Festival at the Anthology Film Archives. There is an opening reception at 6:00 and then still we ride is screened. For those that don't know this is a 40 minute informative documentary about how NYC is attacking our constitutional rights to assembly and trying to pass it off as just a mere crack down on an illegal bike ride.

Then there is an after party with the local Brooklyn band: Blonde Rehead.

Info at: including a cool video trailer directed by my good friend: Jesse Epstein.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bike Blog:

Lindsey here, from TA. Thanks for your great blog and posts about bike month. We are hosting the first annual Tour de Brooklyn this year, starting at Grand Army Plaza (nice photo!). If you would post about this event and help us get riders that would be awesome. The ride is FREE, we just ask that everyone register at The date is June 5th, check-in begins at 8AM and the ride is at 9AM. Marty Markowitz will be doing the first few miles and sending riders off. There will be one rest stop near Coney Island. Email me if you have any questions.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding me.

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