Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why they still don't get it:

Well here is another shinning example of the Madison Ave crowd continuing to not get it about bicycles:

This is kind of like why a few token days of shutting down streets for a few hours is no way to encourage more people to ride bikes. It makes it trival and fun and not sustainable and practical.

Here is what is right about this ad:

1) Gas prices are too inflated and riding a bike is a good solution.

But instead here is what this ad conveys:

1) That the only reason to ride a bike is because gas prices are too high, because your credit sucks from buying too much shit you never could afford in the first place. Remember, these are the guys who had to work in the seafood joint and where ridiculous uniforms to try and get back their credit score.

2) That this crummy bike was the only thing they could afford

3) That cyclists are all dorks and losers who don't have cars.

4) That non one is safe from annoying catchy jingles that repeat themselves over and over again.

5) that Cops and cyclists can ride together in harmony.

Thanks again advertising world, for taking serious issues and an opportunity to get more people on bikes and making cyclists look like dorks with crappy bikes who should feel like losers cause they can't afford a car.


Blogger Unknown said...

goddamn that's annoying. That makes me hate white people. I already do. what the hell do bikes have to do with credit? or gas? I spend more money on NOS parts and vintage frames to attach them to than anyone does on gas. Except maybe the USAF.
That song made me want to shoot up some white people.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Michael Green said...

Word. Violence against another race is about as cool as sitting in a padded cell and listening to this commercial played over and over again. Thanks for another non-constructive, pointless and violent comment. NOT.

9:23 PM  

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