Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekly bicycle blog round-up.

Here is a bit of whats going on in the world of bicycle blogs and websites.

Tracko in LA, in a tireless pursuit to crank out material has this pretty video posted of what the kids are doing with fixed geared bikes...

SF Track/Fixed Night Edit from Fonsecafilms on Vimeo.

FonssecaFilms ...featuring the music of Kanye West, "Flashing Lights"
and these skilled San Francisco Riders.
Donald Arrodondo
Chris Cox
Chris Fonseca
Jason Clary
Terry Barentsen
Matt Rice
Edited By
Chris Fonseca

There is also this video posted there from BBC sports

with Chris Hoy, who is an Scottish born, Olympic and world track sprinter. More info here.

This video is a nice guide to track cycling hosted by the champ himself.

A short film about Hoy, "Standing Start", by filmmakers Finlay Pretsell & Adrian McDowall, is playing at this years Bicycle Film Festival.


Competative Cyclist gives us a sneak peak at Shimano's new 2009 Dura Ace 7900. Way better than that crappy 7800.

"7800, 7900, whatever it takes." But hey, Shimano...if you need me to do any field testing at critical mass...I'm your guy.

Speaking of Jacked Up bicycle components...heres one...

Hipster Nascar informed me that Tom (Bonehead) Boonen is banned form this year's Tour De France.

Now the riders are getting booted from the tour before it even happens (July 5th-27th)

His team, quick-step (QSI) tried to get away with their new performance enhancing drug...Cocaine.

Tom's got a myspace page. His interests are travel, food, cycling and winning...hmmm.

Perhaps David Millar and the gents of team Chipotle/Slipstream can help get the sport truly clean.

Why can't these guys just stick to energy drinks like Redbull which can get you to do insane tricks like this...

Kevin Robinson, broke famous BMX pioneer Matt Hoffman's big ramp record of 27 feet in Central Park on Thursday which came to me from John Prolly


How to avoid the bummer life who also did some...Say Hello to My Little Friend...Tom Boonen artwork...

Informed me of this HELL RIDE in Santa Cruz, where you vote for your favorite rider male and female, and then 8 of them get to go into Forest fire riddled California and torture themselves for sweet 5,000 bicycles.

I dunno, but this contestant has my vote...

Besides..."The Butcher" doesn't need cocaine to be a winner!!

Special Shout out to:

cyclinglyfstyle for commuting with baby on bicycle and dealing with flood waters of Iowa.

Well what roundup would be complete without a trip to Bikesnob who turned 1 year old on Friday the 13th. Happy Anniversary...thanks for making a wonderful place for making fun of the ridiculous side of cycling, like this self proclaimed Messiah of American Cycling...Michael Ball.

Seen here on the right, not to be confused with race promoter John Eustice

Ok, for those who don't know...Michael Ball, is a fashion mogul who designs $200 jeans for Victoria Beckham's behind. He is also an avid cyclist and owner of the
Rock Racing team which he seems to be putting all of his time into, when he's not working on his charities as seen in a snip-it of this press conference...

Trust him, the girls are wearing t-shirts for Rock the Cure...ok T-shirts...what more do you need then that for a good cause.

They'll all be up in Harlem tomorrow, for the Father's Day Harlem Classic. For those few messengers and former messengers who didn't go to the world championships in Toronto, they'll be uptown too racing.

this is a good time to mention that the New York Bike Messenger Association website, seems to be coming back to life and has some info on Sunday's event.

check it out here.

This was always a great resource for alleycat events and the fine work of NYC couriers organizing efforts for themselves and for the greater cycling community here in the city.

More on Harlem Rocks event.

Two new sites I learned of (both in Chicago area)
Bicycle diaries

and Chicago's Cuttin Crew, Holdin it down in Toronto for the worlds. Even a crew from Time's Up is there...I'm jealous.


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