Sunday, December 09, 2007

Another tragic death.

I just sent in my "violation," that the NYPD gave me for, "Not riding in the bike lane." The one I got on the night of critical mass about 4 blocks from Union Square that I'm sure had nothing to do with the 3 year battle of NYPD vs the mass.

I'm telling you all this because I want your sympathy or so one of my loyal readers seems to think. I'm just glad the officer, I mean bikeblog fan, was able to read the whole posting and take time out to make nice comments about my sick wife. Freedom of speech right, and very constructive to the issues at hand.

So apparently if you end up riding in a bike lane, you can also die. Such as what happened to a 63 year old man on Wednesday.

Streetsblog has the story titled:

"Cyclist Doored, Killed by Truck in Midtown"

Read how the press claimed the man ran into a car door. Kind of like Sean Bell accidentally got in the way of 50 bullets from a drunk cops gun.
The comments on this blog posting are also very telling.

My condolences to the victim of this tragedy. Maybe the city should spend more time on making it safe to bike here instead of criminalizing LEGAL biking...but I'm just crying right?

See you in court.


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