Monday, July 09, 2007

Critical mass...another one missed

So I missed another Critical Mass and am embarassed to be reporting on this now...

June's Critical Mass was meet with the same repression...tons of cops occupying union square, videotaping the 100 or so participants of the ride.

Street preformer Reverend Billy decided to lend a hand by reciting the first amendment in Union Square:

Here is a bit of what happened-

New York, NY (July 2, 2007) - On Friday, June 29, the NYPD arrested and
detained Reverend Billy, also known as Bill Talen, for reciting the First
Amendment in Union Square. Talen was charged with two counts of harassment
in the second degree and held overnight in The Tombs. The police were
gathered in force at Union Square in preparation for the monthly bicycle
ride known as Critical Mass, which draws attention to environmental issues
and bicycle safety.

here is a video of the arrest from the Glass Bead Collective:

Apparently despite the ridiculous arrest for someone speaking in public...50-75 managed to form a critical mass and ride around NYC, cop free.

Yes my friends, this is what it has come down to.


Blogger Brob said...

I'm not agreeing with the arrest but they did say that by following the police around and shouting at them (regardless of the subject matter) it was harrassement. So he was kinda warned.

4:24 AM  

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