Monday, September 26, 2005

We've got momentum

Cindy Sheehan got arrested in Washington DC today at the pinnacle of her anti-war tour. She was willing to put herself on the frontlines of a growing anti-war movement and take that next step of direct action. Sheehan's arrest The Neo-cons in Washington, who are more than willing to sacrifice our sons and daughters to fill their rich coffers and tell the world it's about, "fighting terrorism, seem to have no exit strategy for Iraq and no idea what to do about one pissed off Mom. The veterans of Vietnam were crucial in stopping the war, maybe now it will be the Mom's. Seems that Carl Rove and the spin makes are more concerned with figuring out how to make their puppet moron George W. Bush look good after letting the nations poor starve in New Orleans. This is how our government cares for people. Way to go Cindy! Keep it up. The next big action against the war is November 2nd. Being spearheaded by the world can't wait On that first Wednesday of October, don't go to work, walk out of class, make noise and drive out George W. Bush from office before he gets us all killed. Times Up was in DC for this past anti-war march. Here are a few photos.Bikes at the Saturday MarchCritical Cop Mass. DC is an interesting place to demonstrate. They have 7 divisions of bicycle cops. The parks department wears riot gear, and of course you have the Secret Service, FBI, CIA, Metro Police, Special Ops, and just about every state, federal and local law enforcement you could imagine. It's good to know we have lots of security on hand, encase some crazy bike riders try to raise up their bikes or something. Thanks to Time's up for the pictures.


Anonymous jim said...

I'm ambivalent about tieing bicycling advocacy to other movements like the anti-war movement. While there is a link between cars, reliance on fossil fuels, and the war, I feel it's important that the basic right to use public streets built with taxpayer money is not a partisan issue. A good example of what can go wron is what happened last year when protesting the RNC and Critical Mass got tangled up. NYC Critical Mass has never recovered. I'm not saying that the mass arrests of cyclists are right.

Thanks for the interesting blog.

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