Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Found some new bike blogs today

Searching through the endless stream of blogs I found some bike related ones. First off a good place to search for Blogs is
technocrati This site searches the blogshere and links you to what your looking for.

Here I found this posting about the recent Tour De Fat tour in Portland. This is a bike related festival sponsered by New Belgium beer.

So check out the following bike blogs:

Blue Collar Mountain Bike
Commute by bike
The Bike Blog
twenty nine inches
Bike Portland

It is actually pretty endless...maybe soon I'll organize it by state.

Also check out portland Messenger Association To check out the Messenger bike scene in my favorite West Coast City, for bikes that is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

heres one just getting started, it seems pretty cool it has lots of stuff to do.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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