Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nottingham, UK. Bike ride against oil wars

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About thirty bike riders took to the streets in Nottingham, England with the theme, "no blood for oil" and "No G8 2005."

They seemed to have a successful ride bringing attention to their cause and making space for non-polluting, non-fossil fuel burning transpiration.

Critical mass is everywhere and not just for the last Friday's of every month, anymore.

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Meanwhile, elsewhere in the United Kingdom, 27 Greenpeace activists were arrested trying to disrupt the opening day of trading at the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) Trading was tied up for an hour as demonstrators made noise, with air horns and other noise devises. Traders and security attacked the demonstrators and at one point pushed a heavy metal file cabinet on some of them. There is a report that at least one activist was sent to the hospital.

Also outside the IPE, demonstrators hung banners, one reading, “Climate change kills Stop pushing oil."

The protest comes on the day the Kyoto Protocol is put into implementation.

Stephen Tindale, from Greenpeace, said: "Climate change poses the gravest threat our planet has ever faced, yet oil is traded in this place with impunity as if the lives of millions and the future of whole species mean nothing.

"This madness has to end, it's that simple. Today, as Kyoto becomes law, we ask the world to take a deep breath and consider where our oil addiction is taking us."

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