Monday, August 11, 2008

DNC bans bikes from the "Greenest" convention in history.

Let me see if I got this straight...
The Democratic National Convention in Denver Colorado which is being held in August 25-28th, is claiming to be the (and I quote) "Greenest" Convention in history.

Here is what they will be bringing to the table according to this recent article in the Colorado Independent:

The DNCC has vowed it will be the "greenest convention in history." Here's a list of greenness:

Counting carbon: The DNCC is comprehensively calculating the carbon footprint of the convention. Where emissions are unavoidable, the DNCC has said it will participate in carbon-offset programs.

Greening the arena: After becoming the convention’s location, the Pepsi Center announced it was going “100 percent green.” Plans are to operate entirely on renewable wind and solar energy and to include new recycling bins, a hybrid vehicle-only parking area and a “no idling zone” outside the arena.

Relying on buses: The buses used to transport delegates and media from all the hotels to the Pepsi Center will be either hybrid, alternative fuel or run on biodiesel, organizers said, and all vehicle miles traveled will be tracked and included in the convention’s carbon footprint calculations.

Sharing bikes: A bike-sharing program will be implemented. The “Freewheelin” bike program developed by Humana Inc, bike industry leaders and Bikes Belong, will bring 1,000 bikes to Denver to be used free of charge.

Diverting waste: The DNCC has set a goal for a minimum of 85 percent waste diversion from the landfill through a comprehensive recycling and waste minimization program and through composting.

Ok, but Bicycles are not allowed within the DNC perimeter of the Pepsi Center, nor at Invesco Field, where Barack Obama will deliver his acceptance speech, because of security threats.

SECURITY THREATS? What the delegates might get their suit pants caught in the chain?


This sounds typical of the so-called progressive green movement clashing with the "green-scare" tactics of federal law enforcement. I'm sure there are key heads of security giving power point presentations to the DNC about the security threat of "anarchists" getting together and riding their bicycles together in a group.

Just like in the RNC in NYC in 2004 and you can expect the same behavior at the RNC in Minneapolis in September.

This reflects much of the politics going on right here in New York. The D.O.T. is making a consorted effort to create more infrastructure for bicycles, more bike lanes, more bike racks, special events like: summer streets. Meanwhile the NYPD is continuing a harassment campaign against bikes tied up with numerous lawsuits and occasionally bodychecking people off their bikes during critical mass.


Ok, lets make the planet more green. Heres a bike, only don't ride it to the convention.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its really simple. The planners are not cyclists on any level. There is a tendency to fear what you do not understand.

Its will not be the dumbest thing an organization ever did, just par for the course.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read my first post of many about the DNC in Denver on Cycle Jerks:
DNC Crackdown

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They had to realize the subversive nature of the bicycle eventually. No license from the state - no convict-style number plate bolted on - no credit score needed to buy one - it's enough to freak any control freak.

6:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is very OLD information. In fact the city has given the 1000 bikes program the prime real estate directly across the street from the convention center.

The city and DNC are also providing secure bike parking at Mile High Stadium for some 2,000 bikes. A lot of locals referring to the acceptance speak as the "Bike to Obama" ride because they are closing down the entire interstate through the city. The only way to get around will be on a bike.

11:19 PM  

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