Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Took a ride around town tonight...4th of July race recap.

I took a ride around Manhattan tonight for a little exercise. It was such a beautiful night, with the warm air. I finally got to see those waterfalls at night and I have to say I was pretty impressed.

I had no idea you could get that close to them.

My one little burst of physical fitness has inspired me to train for my first century.

September 7th. NYC Century Bike Tour

So here are the results of Friday's 4th of July alleycat.

20 racers, 16 checkpoints.

The race started at: 2:45pm (the numbers located on the right are the finishing times)
1. dan 359
2. crihs 404
3. drew (red) 404
4. spencer 404
5. rafael 405
6. link 411
7. zep! zep! 412
8. lucas 414
9. fernando 416
10. andras 419
11. gabe 419
12. jc king commie 423
13. no name 424 (went to 41+5 then 60 and fdr)
14. ryo 429
15. bianca 426 (1st girl)
16. harvey 428
17. gus 429 (nicest manifest)
18. markus (?)
19. andre (?)
dq- yatika
patrick (?)
i think im missing two.
thanks for putting the times cj and rob

Here is a helmet camera from Joao.

and some pictures:

Congratulations to Dan Chabanov and Bianca, first place male, and female...true patriots.


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