Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog Round Up.

Here is my weekly roundup of whats going on in the bicycle blog world:

Remember tomorrow is Bike to Work day. If you have no work, tomorrow is bike to look for a job day, or bike to the local coffee shop and blog about biking to work or bike around Prospect Park, cause obviously those people are doing something right cause they can bike before work...all day long.

Trackosaurusrex pointed out an event in SF. on Thursday sponsered by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition...
Bike Away from work...looks like it Was a cool event.

Speaking of SF, and events past.

Squids NYC messenger company Cyclehawk posted the results of Velocity in San Francisco.

1) Megan
2) Dorit
3) Colleen

1) Steven
2) Andres
3) Jack

1) Fergus
2) Deuce
3) Maurice

This was the third and final installment of the Velocity tour which is a velodrome track day where urban riders and messengers can compete to win tickets to the Cycle World Messenger Championships which are in Toronto this June.

Squid and his crew, really put their heart and soul into this event and give people an amazing opportunity to compete in cycling on track bikes, where they were meant to be...the track.
Check here for some pix.

Congratulations going to TORONTO!!

Want to say THANKS to Mike and Hellyer Velodrome for volunteering your time and the track! And all the sponsors who made Velocity happen...

Speaking of Cyclehawk...Carlos, who works there has a photoblog...Ridin around, making runs...takin images.

Speaking of...wait...never mind.

Prolly wants you'll to know that Friday, May 30th (which is also Critical Mass)
is his monthly Peel Sessions

The Bootleg sessions cats will be on hand to rip it up, shoot some video and push this sport to new levels...
check out the trailer for their new video comin out:

"Bootleg Sessions v.2" Fixed Gear DVD Trailer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

Now, the fixie kids might ride up walls and do silly tricks...but Pro Racers can get silly this:

I saw this posted on a Roadie blog Velo Jello

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I saw that race. He was about to win and his chain broke... I might have thrown my bike too? Who knows when something like that happens... There is an article about it on bicycling magazine's website...,6610,s1-3-523-17141-1,00.html

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