Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thanks for all the responses

Thanks everyone. I stayed up late last night scouring the neighborhood for green areospoke wheels. I called my renters insurance and could make a claim for a $500.00 deductable. I'll be on the hunt for a new green bicycle.

More importantly then my own stupidity I wanted to announce that there will be a memorial ride for two cyclists who were killed last week in Manhattan.

Here are the details:

Memorial Ride--TODAY, April 23rd. Start at Union Square South 7pm

Memorial Ride for Alvaro Olson and Jian-Lan Zhang
both killed on April 16, 2008
Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Union Square South, 7 pm

Alvaro Olson, 54
West 36th Street and Broadway

Jian-Lan Zhang, 55
Allen Street and Hester Street


Here is article about Jian Lan Zhang from the NY METRO

This article from the Daily News, on Alvaro Olson, leaves lots in question and illustrates the need for these accidents to be properly investigated.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

really sorry to hear about your bike. there's lots of us out here keeping our eyes open for it.

could you explain what renters insurance is and how it can help people whose bikes get stolen?

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was sorry to see Alvaro Olson's ghostbike, which I just noticed today during my lunch break.

There's another ghostbike just a block away on 36th and 6th Ave. and one further north on Broadway at 40th St. As someone who works in the Garment District (and has attempted to ride my bike through there a handful of times), I can say without a doubt that the traffic is horrendous. Not only are there all the delivery trucks, there are the service cars, private cars, illegally parked automobiles, postal vans, buses, food carts, pedi-cabs, bike messengers, office workers, and tourists. I'm surprised I don't hear of more injuries considering the traffic density.

8:51 PM  

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